The World as Our Playground, Reopened

Leave your logic at the door and bring your curiosity as your key to enter. Rules have their place, but so does the thrill of freedom.

Join us on a journey and immerse yourself in Memphis design, and let your sensibilities take over. Life is meant to be fun, and we're here to remind you of that.

Looking for fun? Look no further


Memphis design is a game without limits, where creativity reigns supreme and rules don't apply.

It's an evolving art form that can be found everywhere, from Karl Lagerfeld's apartment to David Bowie's gallery. It's on the runways of Dior and on the roads of the electrified BMW. In the world of Memphis design, the surprises never stop coming.

Back in the Future: MTV Generation


Say goodbye to boredom, as Memphis design and the force of MTV collide. As MTV stormed onto the scene in the 1980s, Memphis Design quickly found a place in the world of entertainment.

From the Cafe 80's in "Back to the Future," to the campus in "Saved by the Bell," to the room of "M3GAN," Memphis has become an icon of playfulness.

Form and Color, Full of Life

Memphis design celebrates this fact by breaking all the rules. No longer constrained by minimalist or functionalist dogma, Memphis design is a bold explosion of imagination.

It's like seeing the world in a new light, where colors dance and lines move to the beat of their own rhythm. And it's not just art, it's a way of life. Embrace the chaos and the beauty with Memphis design.

Break the Cycle, Awake the Joy of Living

When life becomes a monotonous cycle of copy and paste, it's easy to feel numb and lose your drive. But that's where the spirit of Memphis comes in - a refreshing reminder to break free from the mundane.

Let RHINOSHIELD's original design accessories and limited edition charms reignite your curiosity, and approach life with a playful attitude.